Assortment Unlocked: Leverage Value-Added
Processing to Drive Inventory Efficiency


CloudX System Inventory Managment
The shopping landscape has changed post-COVID-19, with consumers seeking customized products. This poses a challenge for businesses, especially in affordable markets like electronics and jewelry. To balance product variety and efficiency, businesses are adopting smart techniques like Kitting and Light Assembly during order fulfillment.

Kitting involves grouping related items for easier packing and shipping, offering flexibility without added costs. Light Assembly and Manufacturing play a vital role in efficiently providing more product choices.

To measure their impact, businesses look at metrics like cost reduction, efficiency gains, and customer satisfaction. The goal is to find a balance between variety and efficiency, making customers happy and staying competitive. CloudX Systems provides solutions to help businesses manage inventory and orders effectively.

In this paper you’ll learn about:

  • Evolution of consumer shopping post-COVID-19
  • Importance of meeting consumer demands for customization and varied options
  • Challenges in balancing product variety with operational efficiency
  • Introduction to Value-Added Processing (VAP) techniques: Kitting and Light Assembly
  • Role of Kitting in streamlining inventory management and order fulfillment
  • Benefits of Light Assembly and Manufacturing in enhancing customization and efficiency
  • Metrics for calculating business value: Cost Reduction, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction, ROI, and Inventory Turnover
  • Real-world examples of industries successfully implementing Kitting and Light Assembly
  • CloudX Systems' cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • How CloudX Systems' solution supports businesses in achieving greater efficiency, assortment management, and fulfillment optimization.