CloudX Systems, a revolutionary

SaaS Warehouse Management System.
Engineered for Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Use Cloud X Systems for Omni-Channel Warehouse Fulfillment. As an Enterprise Software, Managed Service or Outsourcing solution, our Single-System Entry Point gives you flexibility in warehouse, inventory, and shipping management.

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Over 500
Brands Served!
Create a flexible business model with Cloud X Single System Entry Point
Achieve Omni-Channel Profitability with our agile Cloud Solution,
elevating processes beyond traditional warehouse management.
  • Simplify and speed up order fulfillment.

    Utilize a Worldwide Solution for Omni-Channel WMS Fulfillment that Adapts to Your Business Demands.

  • Plan strategically using predictive methods.

    CloudX Systems helps you anticipate future business needs and adjust, don't replace.

  • Enhance operational flexibility.

    Design Your Desired Business Model, Free from Imposed System Limitations.

  • Simplify the supply chain complexity.

    Utilize CloudX System for efficient and effective supply chain, selling, and fulfillment.

Built from Operational Excellence to Create Operational Excellence

Cloud X Systems has been built over 25 years leveraging operational excellence in omni-channel fulfillment.