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With 25+ years of experience in logistics and tech, our team has practical know-how. We use effective methods to help you optimize your WMS, regardless of your business model. Let CloudX Systems WMS make your vision a reality.



In the next decade, your customers and your business is going to change. In these critical moments, you need to innovate and adapt quickly. Don’t let your system become your albatross just when you need it the most. With the CloudX Systems platform, you can adapt to different business models without having to change your system making it the catalyst of your change and growth rather than your biggest barrier.

CloudX Systems Deployment with Flex-Source Licensing

Do it Yourself


Outsource It


You decide to buy Software to use Yourself.
  • We Say: “We’ve got your platform!”

You decide to keep the building and use a Managed Service.
  • We Say: “We’ve got your platform!”

With Flex-Source Licensing, you can adapt the use of our platform to your distribution strategy without the fear of having to replace or change or learn a new system from scratch.

Flex-Source licensing also gives businesses new choices to help drive resilience of enterprise operations with disaster recovery / business resumption services tailored to your needs.
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    Enterprise Software

    Some companies start by developing their own fulfillment operation as they begin to build and grow their business. CloudX Systems Software provides the warehouse management and fulfillment capabilities needed to build your own world-class fulfillment capabilities. Seamless integration, robust features, discounted carrier rates and more are at their fingertips as they tailor their operations to client needs. Clients create and driver operational excellence and use CloudX reports and KPIs to stay on track to their performance goals.

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    Bergen Logistics Services

    Many companies choose Bergen Logistics as their preferred partner for outsourcing or managed services. With over 25 years of experience, Bergen Logistics is a leader in global omni-channel fulfillment. They use the CloudX Systems solution for their fulfillment services, and clients also use CloudX to monitor, track performance, and stay informed as part of the service package.

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    Hybrid Models

    As companies grow, they face challenges in complexity and scale. Some switch from using logistics service providers to in-house operations, while others move from internal operations to outsourcing partners for strategic focus. Often, companies work well domestically but need to build complex international capabilities. At CloudX Systems, we encourage our clients to innovate and, with Flex-Source licensing, they can. Whether the model changes or extends, CloudX is always there to support our clients.

Use CloudX Systems software now to boost your business in the way that suits you. Explore our different business models and find out why CloudX Systems could be the only software you'll ever need.

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