“Future-Proof” Your Business with CloudX Systems

With CloudX Systems and Bergen Logistics, you have the ultimate flexibility in building your fulfillment network. Use the software in your own fulfillment centers, use Bergen Logistics for outsourcing or as a managed services in a combination hybrid model of services. With CloudX, you can optimize both your costs and customer satisfaction in ways never available before.

Built to drive efficient fulfillment with customer delight
  • Inbound Receiving and Put away
  • Inventory Management
  • Outbound (Pick / Pack / Ship)
Drive Efficiency, Value and Customer differentiation into your business
  • Labor Management
  • Value Added Services
  • Kitting / Light Assembly
  • Reporting and KPIs
Built in Seamless Integration, scalability, performance and resilience
  • Rest API / Integration Engine
  • Cloud Microservices architecture
  • Scalable Performance
  • Business Resilience (backup, recovery, etc.)
Our Flex-Source License model allows you to adapt to different business models without having to change your system. Choose from:
  • Enterprise Flex-Source – For use at your facility
  • Service Provide Flex-Source – Applied as part of a Services, e.g. outsourcing contract
  • Hybrid Flex-Source – A combination of either of the above
Standardized, Efficient, Global Customer Order Fulfillment
Specialized Features and Services that Enable Greater Customer Experience and Efficiency
Returns ManagementProcesses and capabilities used to manage customer returns from customer authorization through restocking / disposal.
Value Added ServicesA set of services and options, like packing, labeling, pricing, etc., that drive more value to the customer fulfillment operation
Labor ManagementHelps to Manage the Labor, Scheduling, Productivity, and Performance of Associates
KittingAn “MRP-Light” approach to fulfillment with MRP scheduling, bill of material, and kitting processes that incorporates the fulfillment processes.
Reporting and PerformanceStandardized and KPI reports and a report builder allowing creation of custom reports. Control Tower for real-time visibility, performance, and tracking.
Inbound ProcessesCoordinates and Manages the Receipt of Goods and Return Authorizations for Delivery
ReceivingReceives Goods, Checks Quality, and Defines location and stores stock
Inventory ManagementStock Item Master, Defines items, manages inventory, count, and drives efficiency of stock
Outbound ProcessesTailor’s business needs to the right pick/pack/and ship method to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction
The CustomerGlobal tracking and visibility of shipments along with customer returns / returns authorization