Why You Need CloudX Systems WMS

CloudX Systems combines CORE Services for fulfillment and tracking with SPECIALIZED Services for efficiency and customer experience, creating an Omni-Channel Fulfillment Capability that empowers the modern retail enterprise to thrive.

Comprehensive Value with CloudX Systems

You NeedCloudX Systems OfferingWhy It Matters
Efficient Omni-Channel and Store FulfillmentCore and Advanced Fulfillment Services to create “perfect Fulfillment” based with service level and performance management
  • Double digit efficiency drives cost savings
  • Improved inventory and shipping performance
  • End to End visibility and management drives customer satisfaction and retention
End to End IntegrationCore integration layer built into the cloud platform for front and back-end integration, tools and 3rd party service integration and more
  • Simplified integration drives speed of implementation and change
  • End to end integration provides seamless coordination, update, and global visibility
Advanced Value-Added Services and KittingEnables Receiving and Fulfillment Value Added Services along with modules for kitting and light manufacturing to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Efficient management of assortment options with increased customer satisfaction
  • Ability to differentiate and achieve greater margins through high value services
Multiple, Seamless and Integrated Delivery OptionsFlex-Source licensing allows the usage of the platform for enterprise use, or as a managed service or outsourcing operation with Bergen Logistics, or any combination without replacing the system.
  • Eliminate Rip and Replace Costs due to System Change
  • Use the system as your anchor of change and stability while you adapt to market changes
  • Use the solution as part of disaster recovery / business resumption strategy